Dig-IT 16 – What Happened At The PAS Marketing Conference

Digit '16 - Marketing Conference

Pakistan may have an agriculture based economy but is more of a barren land when it comes to organizing marketing conferences and seminars. So it was nothing short of a miracle when all of a sudden two marketing conferences – Marcon and Dig-it – took place in a span of one week. How did that happen can only be considered

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Dig-IT – Marketing Innovation – What the Flux

DIg-IT Digital Marketing conference

Pakistan Advertisers Society are once again organizing the Dig-it digital marketing conference that they did way back in 2012. It’s really interesting that there has been a dearth of marketing seminars and conferences in this part of the world for the last couple of years, and now all of a sudden you’ve got two marketing seminars in a span of

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Marcon 2016 -Traditions and Innovations

Marcon 2016 Pakistan

Pakistan marketing industry’s flagship event MARCON’16 hosted by Marketing Association of Pakistan  will take place on 26th and 27th of April, 2016 at Marriott Hotel, Karachi. 15+ Speakers from Pakistan and different countries of Asia Pacific, South Asia & Middle East have been invited to make their presentations and share their experiences with the participants. Some of the prominent names

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Marketing in the Digital Age – A Course by LUMS

Marketing in the Digital Age-Workshop by LUMS

Marketing in the Digital Age is a four-day course being conducted by the Rausing Executive Development Centre at the Lahore University of Management Sciences [LUMS] from 23rd to 27th February. This is the second time around LUMS is conducting the ‘Marketing in the Digital Age’ course. There’s not much feedback available online about how this course fared the first time

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Transform 2011- What’s Next in Marketing, Media & Advertising-2

Transform 2011 marketing conference

Transform 2011 marketing conference organized by Event Architects was held on Saturday the 15th of October 2011. The event comprised of some of the best marketers including Haseeb Ihtisham Nokia, Amin Rammal Brand Crew, Amer Sarfaraz  Bramerz, Shoaib Qureshy  Bulls Eye, Mansoor Nawaz Dynamic Marketing Concepts, Afzal Shahabuddin  Resource Edge, and Zainab Ansari Xenith Public Relations,  showcasing the paradigm shift 

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