Mahmood Nanji’s Story of Success Uncut

Mehmood Nanji

Mahmood Nanji is one of the marketing gurus of Pakistan’s branded world, having served at the forefront of many company’s marketing department, including the coveted position of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Tapal. He was the force behind the TVOne program Brand Power, a one-of-a-kind program on the Pakistani electronic medium. Although it generated a lot of interest, for some

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Using Social Media To Market your Business- Shahjehan at T2F 2.0

Shahjehan Chaudhary, the founder of, conducted a workshop on ‘Promoting your business through Social Media’ at The Second Floor which was jampacked with people from various cross-sections of the society, from budding entrepreneurs to media people to established businessmen. Everyone wanted to have a piece of the new elusive genie that is social media. To Shahjahan’s credit, he did

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Unilever’s Clear For Men Uncut

Have you tried Unilever’s new Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Clear? The brand has been out in the market accompanied by a full-fledged brand campaign for quite some time now, but I tried the Men’s version of Clear (for oily hair) only a few weeks ago. Being in the branding business, I was most curious as to what enticed me to go for

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