The author of this site did his bachelors in mechanical engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology.

He then went on to spend the next year of his life managing 40 of the most union-infested hard nuts on this planet as a production engineer in a factory. And lived to tell the tale.

He then did his MBA from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) – a Masters in Marketing and Brand Management.In between, he also found time to work as a contributing writer for the Dawn Images and others.

He has lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE; traveled extensively this side of the Atlantic; and feels he has the license to feign an air of intellectuality and put under his microscope anything and everything that catches his attention.

An engineer cum ‘brandsman’  who manages one of Pakistan’s largest selling brands, is a contributing writer to Dawn’s column Karachi Notebook, written restaurant reviews for Express Tribune and is the creator of Pakistan’s biggest Restaurant Review website www.restaurants-uncut.com, a brutally honest account of Karachi’s foodscape backed by the discerning taste buds of 11 connoisseurs of food from different professions.

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This site aims to dissect the recent branding efforts especially on the local scene, whether it be a product,service, event or even a person, and to create branding strategies for brands that have yet to enter the physical realm.

In short anything that has to do with brands goes here.

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