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To me there’s a world of difference between marketing a product and branding it. In simple conventional marketing, you do market research to determine whether the consumer needs the product or not and what features excite him. Irrespective of whether there’s a need or not for the product, the overly ambitious marketer sugar-coats the findings, makes a standard marketing plan

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Guardian Claims Greenliner Not Green Enough

Boeing’s newest baby, the Dreamliner 787 also dubbed as the Greenliner by its marketing gurus for its claim to less carbon emissions, hasn’t gone well with the critics, most noticeably the prestigious Guardian.   The Guardian has come out with the harshest review of the Dreamliner 787 which has not only received raving reviews, but record number of orders ever

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Boeing Dreams Of Supremacy With Dreamliner 787

The Boeing Dreamliner 787 is a result of Boeing’s strategy to recapture the market Airbus took away from it.   Airbus’ strategy of the yore was to build smaller, lighter and more economical commercial planes as opposed to Boeing’s ambitious undertakings of ‘bigger is better’.   Now the strategies are reversed. While Airbus has caught on to the Boeing mania

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