Ufone -Yawning Gap between Brand Promise and Customer Service


One of the worst things you could do as a brand is not deliver on your brand promise. Ufone has tried to position itself as the harbinger of impeccable customer service in Pakistan. It has come up with its own version of the ten commandments, the first one of which is ‘Service First’. Even the brand name implies a customer-focused

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T20 Cup Final – Geo Super Erodes its Brand Equity

Did you watch the T20 Final between Pakistan and Sri Lanka on Geo SUper? Did you hear what the commentators said after the winning runs? I couldn’t.  Why? Because the abominable Geo animated character was dancing to the equally repressible jingle ‘Geo to aisey’.  Either a child was at the controls hitting the animation button gleefully, or a mentally retarded employee had gone berserk.

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