Mahmood Nanji’s Story of Success Uncut

Mehmood Nanji

Mahmood Nanji is one of the marketing gurus of Pakistan’s branded world, having served at the forefront of many company’s marketing department, including the coveted position of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Tapal. He was the force behind the TVOne program Brand Power, a one-of-a-kind program on the Pakistani electronic medium. Although it generated a lot of interest, for some

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Brand Wars- Honda Vs Toyota II

honda vs toyota

The grapevine has it that Indus is producing a staggering 190 Corollas daily and still can’t meet the market demand. And remember this is still the recession when consumers are historically hesitant to part with their hard-earned dough. The premium or ‘on’ amount for Corolla is in excess of Rs.70,000+ compared to other brands many of which you can have

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Brands Award Council Launches the Acclaimed Brands Survey

Finally, the Brands Award Council launches the much-awaited and oft-delayed survey results, which was the basis on which the Brand of the Year Award 2008 was given to about 123 brands in their respective categories. In addtion, 7 brands amongst these winners, namely Jang, TCS, K&Ns, Jamal’s, HOM, Rooh Afza and Elfy, were declared the brand icons of Pakistan.

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