Marcon 2012 Marketing Conference by Marketing Association of Pakistan

Marcon 2012 marketing conference

  MARCON 2012 Marketing ConferenceMARCON 2012 Marketing Conference Marketing Association of Pakistan is hosting MARCON on March 21, 2012 on the subject of “New Trends and Insights in Creating & Sustaining Competitive Advantage” at the Marriott Hotel in Karachi. The event features following speakers: · Ehsan A. Malik – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Unilever Pakistan Limited· Liam MacManus –

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Over-Promise and Under-Deliver- The new brand mantra?

Zainab Khan, the magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University, is an emerging brand in the rapidly expanding field of studying-abroad guidance. Although the field is nothing new, it had been confined to a small niche for a long time with few specialists manning the boundaries. But with more foreign universities especially from UK and Australia marketing aggressively in this

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Ufone -Yawning Gap between Brand Promise and Customer Service


One of the worst things you could do as a brand is not deliver on your brand promise. Ufone has tried to position itself as the harbinger of impeccable customer service in Pakistan. It has come up with its own version of the ten commandments, the first one of which is ‘Service First’. Even the brand name implies a customer-focused

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Monsoon Branding – The ignored Slice of Life

monsoon branding

Every year, the metropolitans of Pakistan especially Karachi have to bear the fury of a monsoon season. In the developed world, this event would be just another wet day but in this part of the world, the wet day mutates into a ferocious beast courtesy the pathetic performance of the civic agencies. Falling billboards and loose electric wires killing people,

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Brand Wars- Honda Vs Toyota

honda toyota

Pepsi Vs Coke, Playstation Vs Xbox, Nike vs Reebok. Honda Vs Toyota. What do all these rivalries have in common? Is one brand better than its rival? Maybe in some aspects, but then in others it loses the competitive edge. Is there a fool-proof way to gauge the absolute worth of a brand over its counterpart? There isn’t. What makes

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