Lux Style Awards Offer Sponsorship Opportunities to Brands

lux style awards 2013

Lux Style Awards offer sponsorship opportunities for brands for the second time in its history. Lux Style Awards 2013 will be held at Expo Lahore on the 4th of July.

Although  Lux Style Awards have been taking place for the last ten years with Unilever the sole sponsor as well as the organizer of the event, for the last couple of years they’ve opened their gates to other brands share in the spotlight, at a price of course.

And this price is no milk money.  The cost of the lead sponsor is a whopping Rs.25 Million! And it’s pretty confusing as well. I mean, if they’re selling the lead sponsorship, where will Lux fit into all of this? Let’s say Zong takes up the lead sponsorship, will the awards then be called Zong Lux Style Awards? Doesn’t sound right, isn’t it?

But that’s what they told me?


The Catwalk people.

Catwalk productions is a modeling cum event organizer cum PR agency. In fact their PR wing is called Catalyst and mostly deals with restaurant launches, the new trend in this part of the world.

This whole empire is owned by Freiha Altaf, the model of yore. She has been handling all such groundwork of Unilever for the last many years. Of course the fact that she’s best of buddies with Fareshtay Aslam, the category manager of Lux at Unilever doesn’t hurt at all.

lux style awards 2013

lux style awards 2013

So the Catwalk people came to me to pitch the sponsorship proposal. And they offered the following packages:

Lead Sponsor worth PKR 25Mn

  • Nomenclature:  XXXX LUX Style Awards
  • Show to be opened with Sponsor brand mentioned by the hosts
  • Sponsor brand name integrated in the script of the entire show
  •  Brand Ambassador performance/appearance on show (If Any)
  • Title sponsor logo integration on stage
  • Equal emphasis on Lead Sponsor as on LUX
  • Red Carpet title sponsor logo integration on media wall
  • Brand integration opportunities such as giant screen branding, nominees and winners to be announced through title sponsor’s digital gadgets (smart phones, tablets)
  • SMS/Phone voting opportunities (integration)
  • Winner’s press room branding opportunity
  • 20 exclusive invites to the show
  • Opportunity for product/service stall at reception area/VIP Lounge
  • Opportunity to run title sponsor product lucky draw amongst crowd that can be announced on stage by hosts
  • Dinner sponsored by the Lead Sponsor
  • Pre-event hype on digital with logo integration on FB, Twitter and
  • Lead Sponsor page link on Lux Style Awards FB page to redirect traffic


The other sponsorship opportunities that Catwalk offered were:

Other Packages

Red Carpet                                                  worth PKR 4Mn

Celebrity VIP Lounge                                 worth PKR 1Mn

Technology Partner                                   worth PKR 2Mn

Winner’s Press Room/Digi Station             worth PKR 1Mn

Emerging Music Performance                   worth PKR 2Mn

Sponsored Awards                            worth PKR 0.6Mn each

Fan Boxes                                            worth PKR 1Mn each

Green Room                                                            worth PKR 1Mn


They sent me a video as well which gives you an idea of where each of these branding opportunities will be available and what each means.

If you want to sponsor your brand for one of these options, you can contact Anita Sattar at



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