Mahmood Nanji’s Story of Success Uncut

Mehmood Nanji

Mahmood Nanji is one of the marketing gurus of Pakistan’s branded world, having served at the forefront of many company’s marketing department, including the coveted position of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Tapal. He was the force behind the TVOne program Brand Power, a one-of-a-kind program on the Pakistani electronic medium. Although it generated a lot of interest, for some

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Aaj TV Groping For ‘The’ Brand Power To Dethrone Geo TV IV: GUERRILLA WARFARE

Up till now we have been discussing the niceties of competition. Unfortunately real life is anything but nice, and so is the competition in any field. Even if you want to play it fair and square, the other guy may have other plans. And then what constitutes fair and square  all depends upon perceptions. The Americans believe they were fair

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Aaj Groping For ‘The’ Brand Power To Dethrone Geo TV I : THE DILEMMA

‘Don’t you think that people today are more program loyal rather than channel loyal?’ Hameed Kashan, the marketing manager for Aaj TV replied in response to my branding scenario for their channel. In other words he was saying that the laws of branding don’t apply to the television industry, which for some inexplicable reason he emphasized as the new media.

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