Obama branded as America’s ‘First Muslim president’

Obama branded as America’s ‘first Muslim president’- Top 3 reasons why he may be.

Bill Clinton was branded ‘America’s first black president’ because his policies favored the African-American community and now Barack Hussein Obama is being branded as America’s ‘first Muslim president’ because he gave favorable speech for the Muslim World in Cairo. Both of them are branded as such because of their favorable policies and not because of who they are, right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

A stunning examination of Obama’s choice of words in the last five months reveals he may be a Muslim himself, Israel’s worst nightmare.

This inference was reached by Frank J. Gaffney Jr. who heads a Washington think-tank called the Centre for Security Policy.

Here’s some of the revelations that point towards Mr. Obama’s secrecy of being a Muslim:

1. Mr. Obama said the ‘Holy Quran’ no less than four times in one of his speeches. Non-muslims, even staunch supporters of Muslims, don’t refer to it with such reverence.

2. On one occasion he says, ‘I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed’. The word ‘revealed’ is exclusively used by Muslims to project their conviction that Islam and the Holy Quran are really the word of God.

3. On another occasion he says he looks forward to the day ‘…………. when Jerusalem is a secure and lasting home for Jews and Christians and Muslims, and a place for all of the children of Abraham to mingle peacefully together as in the story of Isra, when Moses, Jesus and Muhammad(peace be upon them) joined in prayer.’ According to Gaffney, ‘peace be upon them’ is a term dominantly used by Muslims for blessing holy deceased men whereas Christians believe that Jesus was immortal.

Some extremely interesting insights there. There are two theories to explain this:

1. Mr. Obama really is a Muslim and he has hidden this fact all along lest he lose the presidential race. And now, an analysis of his speeches is belying it. If that’s the case, he can kiss the second term good-bye courtesy some pretty pissed-off Jewish lobby. Nobody fools with them and gets away with it. Already after the Cairo address there have been cries of ‘strongly biased’. Morton Klein, the president of the Zionist Organization of America says Obama’s speech ‘may well signal the beginning of a rununication of America’s strategic alliance with Israel’.

2. He’s an extremely shrewd politician who knows how to influence and persuade the masses. He’s telling his audience exactly what they want to hear, especially the Muslims. If he can get the Muslims into thinking, ‘We knew all along he was one of us. He was just hiding his faith so that he becomes president of America’, well then he’ll have the entire Muslim world at his side. Then he goes to the Jews and tells them what they want to hear using the terms they use in everyday language, and he’ll have them in his pocket as well.

Check out that gem of a documentary ‘The Century of the Self’. It’s a four-part series which delves into the practical application of Sigmund Freud’s theories by his nephew Edward L Bernays also called the father of branding. The fourth part especially deals with how the politicians use the branding rules to woo the masses. It focuses especially on Tony Blair’s rise to power. How his campaign strategist conducted focus groups to determine what the swing voters wanted, how they dressed, what they did in their spare time, what language did they use. Tony Blair then used these insights to mirror his target audience even to the point of dressing up like them. The result is for all to see.

Chances are, Barack Obama has got the most realistic chance of wrapping up the Middle East case file by simply using the laws of branding. A brand which can talk to its consumers as if it’s one of them is worth its weight in gold.