Redefining Leadership by Marketing Association of Pakistan

Marketing Association of Pakistan (1)

  M M Marketing Association of Pakistan will be holding a seminar on Redefining Leadership – Transforming Pakistan as part of its monthly series – Islands of Excellence – Transforming Pakistan. Dawood Hussain, Chairman Karachi School of Business and Leadership as well as chairman of Dawood Hercules and Engro Corporation will speak about the topic at length. The MAP Seminar

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Marcon 2012 Pakistan

Marcon 2012

Marcon 2012 the premium marketing conference with this year’s theme ‘New Trends and Insights in Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage’ featured a glitterati of celebrities from the marketing world and the corporate sector of Pakistan including, Imran Ahmed- President MARCON, Masood Hashmi – President MAP, Ehsan Malik – Chairman and CEO Unilever, Sakib Sherani – CEO Macroeconomic Insights, Aly Mustansir-

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