Dig-IT – Marketing Innovation – What the Flux

DIg-IT Digital Marketing conference

Pakistan Advertisers Society are once again organizing the Dig-it digital marketing conference that they did way back in 2012. It’s really interesting that there has been a dearth of marketing seminars and conferences in this part of the world for the last couple of years, and now all of a sudden you’ve got two marketing seminars in a span of

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GENMARK 2010 ā€“ The Art of Marketing to Generations-2

Win In and Outside the Classroom ā€“ Bushra Iqbal ā€“ Brand Manager Always -P&G The brand Iā€™m representing belongs to the other end of the spectrum of Nokia and Djuice when it comes to media omnipresence. Most people are not comfortable with the sanitary napkin ads and would change the channel if another family member is sitting around. Females spend

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