Brand Wars- Honda Vs Toyota II

honda vs toyota

The grapevine has it that Indus is producing a staggering 190 Corollas daily and still can’t meet the market demand. And remember this is still the recession when consumers are historically hesitant to part with their hard-earned dough. The premium or ‘on’ amount for Corolla is in excess of Rs.70,000+ compared to other brands many of which you can have

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Brand Wars- Honda Vs Toyota

honda toyota

Pepsi Vs Coke, Playstation Vs Xbox, Nike vs Reebok. Honda Vs Toyota. What do all these rivalries have in common? Is one brand better than its rival? Maybe in some aspects, but then in others it loses the competitive edge. Is there a fool-proof way to gauge the absolute worth of a brand over its counterpart? There isn’t. What makes

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The Curious Case of Toyota Corolla coupled with ColdPlay Concert

  What’s the correlation between the new Toyota Corolla Cruistronic and the upcoming ColdPLay concert in Abu Dhabi? None whatsoever. And I’m not trying to create one either. It’s just that on my way back from office as I flick through the handful FM channels we have here( Their number currently stands at 9) looking for interesting brand campaigns, I came

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